Pars Ideal System Co.

(Systems and Materials used in Medical Laboratories)

Pars Ideal System Co. is founded on 2004.

Provider of required engineering and technical services of “Hitachi, Olympus and Sinnowa” Biochemical Auto-Analyzer system.

With a background of over 10 years ,the founders of the company have gathered a group of well experienced experts in the technical, engineering and also marketing fields and started to provide service with 3 following objectives: appropriate expert services, quick solution for encountered problems and continuous support in the use of “Hitachi , Olympus and Sinnowa Biochemical Auto-Analyzers” .

To date, This company was able to successfully install and make operational of 800 analyzers for medical diagnostics laboratory systems and private and state owned hospital laboratories and laboratory systems for hospitals operating under the social security organization and also hospitals of important governmental organizations throughout Iran.

At present, the main field of activity of our company is to install and put in service the biochemical auto-analyzers and provide support and the after sales service and services together with all necessary trainings of the laboratory personnel.

In the near future our company will enter into close cooperation with important and reputable companies of the world in similar fields in order to import and distribute their products throughout Iran using our effective methods and means.

Mailing address: Unit 1, No.14, Alley 19, Argentine Square, Tehran-IRAN

Telephones:  +98-21-88707352



Fax:  +98-21-88707230